Mystic Coffee

~ Live as if everything is a miracle ~

Poetry that explores the mysteries of human nature. Giving voice to neglected things.

writers ode to coffee

A writer's ode to coffee

My coffee grinder jolts the sleeping beans into mindfulness. This is the moment they’ve been waiting for, ecstatic about being called into service.

Word count: 99

The Sage's

​The last cage rolls past. Strains of a Souza march float back over the receding circus train. Children wave flags from high atop their father’s...

Word count: 699

Poem Magical Realism -Where Poems come from

Where poems come from

​Drinking coffee, waiting for the courier. Two owls hoot love notes to each other in owlish Morse code. 

Word count: 1080


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Magical Realism

Discover the
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Magical Realism. 

Guardian Cats 

A story about man’s abuse of power and the unsung heroes who fight in the battle of good and evil.