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When I’m not working on my next book, I write free-form poetry and short pieces of fiction that are hard to categorize. Some call them prose poems, lyric essays, or micro-fiction. Whatever they’re called, they allow me to escape the small, tight circles of my ‘necessary mind' and dive into a world that I call middle space.

Middle space is not governed by the logical, rational mind. It is the abode of memories and emotions and inspiration. This is where the magic happens, where ideas find each other and sparks fly from their new association. This is where the Muse hangs out. A wild place full of ideas and imagination.  

prose poetry

A writer's ode to coffee

My coffee grinder jolts the sleeping beans into mindfulness. This is the moment they’ve been waiting for, ecstatic about being called into service.

Word count: 99

prose poetry

When the muse pays a visit

Drinking coffee, waiting for the courier. Two owls hoot love notes to each other in owlish Morse code. 

Word count: 1080

prose poetry

The Sage's

​The last cage rolls past. Strains of a Souza march float back over the receding circus train. Children wave flags from high atop their father’s...

Word count: 699

"What you seek is seeking you." Rumi


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Guardian Cats 

A story about man’s abuse of power and the unsung heroes who fight in the battle of good and evil.