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Where poems come from

Poem Magical Realism -Where Poems come from

​Drinking coffee, waiting for the courier. Two owls hoot love notes to each other in owlish Morse code. Or maybe they’re discussing strategy. It’s hard to tell with owls. Hummingbirds buzz at the feeder. In between sips of sugar water, they fret about their babies. My cat rolls over and stretches like a piece of elongated orange […]

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The sage’s tent

The last cage rolls past. Strains of a Souza march float back over the receding circus train. Children wave flags from high atop their father’s shoulders. Confetti and cotton candy fill the air.  The trumpets’ final notes echo off canyon walls. You can’t see the marching band any longer, but the drumsticks’ crisp solitary clicks leave […]

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The Old Stone Savage

ancient bison rubbing stone - Arm River Valley in Saskatchewan, Canada

The old stone savage moves slowly. You and I would not notice his nomadic ways. A rock of considerable size, the old stone was only a speck of primal dust when earth’s violent labor pains delivered its raw materials. Angels clung to each other in fear and awe of its clamorous birth.  Having arisen to […]

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