Guardian Cats

“In the beginning, the taste of power is sweet, savored on the tongue, like fine wine. It whispers promises in your ear and pretends to be your friend. It is easy to become addicted to this feeling." 

Cicero, the elder Guardian Cat

Discover the secret world of the Guardians, library cats whose night vigils incorporate a love of reading with their mission of protecting ancient mystical books rescued from the burning Library of Alexandria.

One of these books is under the watchful eye of Cicero, a wise old Guardian. The powerful ancient document is also the target of a man with chilling intentions for its use, a man on the hunt for the elusive Book of Motion and its fearless defender. As the villain closes in, Cicero, acutely aware his days are numbered, intensifies the search for his successor.

When a promising, but inexperienced young tabby seeks refuge in the library, Cicero has precious little time to contemplate his worth, let alone train him.

Guardian Cats is a story about man’s abuse of worldly power, and the unsung heroes who fight in the timeless battle of good and evil.

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"For those who love cats and books, this is an endearing story with characters and ideals that will stay with you after it ends."

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Karen Amazon Reviewer

This book had the flavor of some of my favorite books.... Fahrenheit 451 and 1984, without the dystopian sadness. I was fascinated by the mythology of the cats back to the library of Alexandria. ...some of the same adventure, magic... battle between good and bad that I loved in the Harry Potter books.

Cicero, guardian of an ancient magical tome, has hidden the book from evil forces bent on using its powers. This tightly woven adventure story follows Cicero's new apprentice Marco. The aging Cicero shows Marco that fear and an intolerance of knowledge can lead to the suppression and eventual destruction books.

Amazon Reviewer
Roberta Good Reads

This is a wonderfully creative story! Written for children but equally interesting to adults, it's got an exciting plot, based on the hero's journey of classics like Lord of the Rings and Homer's Odyssey. The main characters are cats who can read; the main setting is that of the ancient Library at Alexandria.

Don’t let the name and cover of the book fool you into thinking it is like the Warrior Cat series, it isn’t. The story is totally different. Speaking of the cover, I really liked the cover art! I really liked the plot of the book. I thought it was very interesting. I thought it was cool that the cats could read and lived in a library and they were guarding an ancient magical book (my kind of story!). I liked the tons of action and excitement in it and it wasn’t too graphic or violent for younger readers.

Eric The Kid Good Reads