While we weren’t watching

A moment of grace

While we weren’t watching,
the sky deepened into shades of charcoal with points of light
created by an army of angels blowing holes through the darkness.

While our sleep was broken into dreams,
earthworms transformed leaves and sightless moles played tag
with each other through tunnels in the back yard.

While our heads were sunk deep into our pillows,
a pre-dawn breeze encircled the earth
racing just ahead of the light to announce the coming day.

While we rushed through our to-do list,
clouds airbrushed the sky and
a great blue heron circled the pond.

While we hid from the sweltering sun,
the earth tilted and the days grew cooler.

While digging through the clutter,
We found an untended garden and discovered it was our heart.

While our children grew up and our parents grew old,
we were left standing in the middle, bewildered by the placement.

While we settled into our couches,
crows roosted in almond trees and the city lights blinked on like magic.


When we least expected it,
We were touched by a moment of grace that tilted our head,
and left us breathless and aching in the place that holds our hearts.

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